• It is paramount that you come to the team with the proper attitude.  There is no
    room for bad attitudes or personal agendas on this team.  We have team goals
    that we are working to achieve.  Make your contribution to this effort.  Support
    and respect your teammates- you are in this together.  Respect your coaches.  
    Most importantly, have respect for the sport.

  • You must refrain from the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.  Not only
    is the use of these products illegal, but it will also have a direct negative impact
    on your academics and your athletics.  There will be no tolerance for the use of
    these substances.  A statewide drug-testing program is now being instituted for
    all high school athletes.

  • Hazing of any form is expressly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

  • Maintain good nutrition and sleep habits.  In order to succeed as an athlete, you
    must take good care of your body’s needs.  Also, you must keep yourself well-

  • Be sure to check the weather report to see if you need to pack any special
    running gear for practice or meets.  Check your bag before you leave home to
    see if you have everything you need, especially your running shoes.  Remember
    that it is better to have and not need, than need and not have.

  • Get to every team obligation in a prompt fashion.  This includes practices, team
    meetings, and bus departures for meets.  A good rule of thumb is to arrive at
    least five minutes before practice or any other meeting time.

  • Every workout is designed to make you a better runner.  In order for this to be
    achieved, you must complete each workout exactly as designed to the fullest of
    your ability.

  • The pre-workout warm-up is an integral part of your workout and must be
    treated as such.  Running your warm-up too slow serves no purpose.  Give your
    warm-up routine the same attention that you give your workout.

  • The post-workout cooldown is also an integral part of your workout and must
    also be treated as such.  It cannot be skipped and must be given the proper
    attention.  You must stretch and re-hydrate before being dismissed from practice.

  • General strength, stability, and conditioning work will also be part of practice.  
    This includes but is not limited to push-ups and core/abdominal strength work.

  • Receiving outside coaching (personal running coaches and/or track clubs) is not
    permitted.  Each workout is part of the total training plan.  You will not develop
    properly by jumping back and forth between training plans.

  • If you are injured, you are required to inform the coaches and see the athletic
    trainer for consultation.  You are the only person who knows how badly you are
    hurt.  If you are in need of treatment, you are to notify a coach and consult with
    the trainer.  You are to return to practice after this consultation to report on your
    status.  Please remember that there is a difference between being injured and
    being sore.

  • Injured athletes are required to check in every day with the coach and to attend
    all meets unless excused by the coaching staff.  Injuries suffered while
    participating in a club sport or other ill-advised activity will have a negative
    impact on your standing with the team.

  • Keep in mind that although we have unlimited entries in all of our dual and
    triangular meets, we are only allowed to run seven people in varsity competition
    in invitationals and championship meets.  Your effort in practice as well as your
    performance in recent meets will determine whether you will be entered in a
    particular meet.  Seniors will not be entered in any sub-varsity competitions.  You
    will not be entered in any event until you are ready for that level of competition.

  • You cannot compete in a weekday meet unless you have been in for a full day of
    school.  In order to compete in a Saturday meet, you must be in for a full day of
    school the day before.  You must be marked present during Period 1 in order for
    it to count as a full day of school.  This is a school policy.

  • In order to leave a meet (or any other event that we take a school bus to) with
    your parents, you must present a note from your parents to the coach.  You
    must first have this note approved by the athletic director.  No exceptions will be
    made.  Refer to the School Transportation Policy found by clicking here.

  • You must be a responsible school citizen, which includes acting in an appropriate
    manner at all times.  Remember that your behavior reflects on yourself, your
    teammates, your coaches, the cross country program, and the school.  The cross
    country team has an excellent reputation, and it is up to you to uphold it.

  • You are expected to give your fullest effort in athletics.  It is just as important (if
    not more) that you do the same in the classroom.  You are expected to meet or
    exceed all guidelines set forth by your classroom teachers.  You will be
    disciplined if you are not fulfilling your academic requirements.

  • Keep yourself out of trouble.  Get to class on time.  Detention will cut into
    practice time, and Saturday detention may prevent you from competing in a
    Saturday meet.  If you cannot make a team obligation because you have
    detention, you are letting your teammates down.  We have never had a problem
    with this in the past, and it is expected that it will stay that way.  Again, you will
    be subject to additional sanctions if you have become a discipline problem in

  • If you have a club meeting or an extra help or test make-up appointment after
    school, you are expected to come to practice with a pass from the supervising
    staff member.  You are to let the coaches know beforehand.  A coach will always
    stay late with you to make sure you get the workout in as planned.  The same
    goes for doctors’ appointments.  You cannot do that day’s workout the next
    day.  It was planned for that day for a reason and might actually impede your
    development or performance in the next meet if it is done the next day.  Your
    coaches work in the school.  It is your responsibility to seek them out.  Please
    remember that it doesn't take more than 45 minutes to make up a test or quiz.  
    Please make every effort to do so before school or during a free period.  We will
    check on your whereabouts if you are not at practice.

  • Please leave your phone or other mobile device in your bag during practice.  You
    will not need it until practice is over.  Call for your ride when your workout is
    complete and you have been dismissed by a coach.

  • If you are causing a distraction or your presence is otherwise interfering with the
    proper function of team activities, you will be sent home.  Do not cause drama
    and do not get involved with it.

  • Maintain a positive attitude.  Do not do anything to disparage the opposition or
    your teammates.  There will be no unsportsmanlike displays.  Respect your
    opposition, your teammates, and your coaches.  Give respect, and you will get
    respect.  Work hard and you will reach your potential.  Negative talk is not

  • If you are not working your hardest in a particular workout, you will be kept after
    practice to do additional work.  Give your fullest effort in every workout.

  • Whining, complaining, and lying will not be tolerated.

  • We spend a significant amount of time running on public roadways and
    sidewalks.  You are required to obey all traffic regulations and to stay off private
    property.  Cutting road loops is unacceptable.  If you are found to be cutting
    road loops, you will be doing all of your training on the track or on campus,
    under the watchful eye of a coach.

  • You will not be entered in any meets until you have earned the entry.  This
    includes, but is not limited to, being able to finish all of your workouts as
    prescribed by the coach.

  • Barring injury or other extenuating circumstances, returning varsity athletes are
    expected to come into the season in shape.

  • Varsity athletes are to ensure their ability to be present at and to compete in all
    championship meets.  Your teammates are counting on you to be there.  Do not
    let them down.

  • You are responsible for the replacement costs of any team-issued apparel if lost,
    damaged, or stolen.

  • All team members must aid in carrying and setting up equipment.  Don't plan on
    sitting under the canopy if you are unwilling to help set it up.

  • Sharing lip balm and/or water bottles is not allowed.  This is not hygienic, and
    quite frankly, it is disgusting.

  • Anyone participating in a club sport or other unauthorized activity during the
    season will be ineligible to be named captain or MVP.  Barring injury or illness, do
    not expect to be a captain or MVP if you come into the season out of shape.

  • Varsity athletes conduct themselves in a certain manner.  Do not expect to be
    entered in varsity competition if you are not fulfilling the expectations held for a
    varsity athlete's behavior.

  • Be honest about the workouts you have completed and the performances you
    have attained.  Part of the beauty of cross country is the objectiity used in

  • The decision as to what constitutes an excused absence rests solely with the
    coaches and not with the athletes.  Team members missing practice without a
    legitimate excuse will do extra work to make up the missed practice.  Hair cuts,
    manicures/pedicures, shopping trips, babysitting, and club sports practices and
    competitions are not excused absences.

  • The sub-varsity season ends after the Union County Championship meet.  In
    addition to the top seven male and female runners, a number of other runners
    (composing our reserve squads) will be required to continue practicing.  You
    must continue to come to practice until dismissed by a coach.

Dressing Appropriately for Practice and Meets
  • The most important thing is to have your running shoes at practice everyday.  
    Going home after school because you forgot your running shoes is not
    acceptable and will be treated as an unexcused absence.  If you forget
    something, make arrangements to have it brought to the school.  Borrow clothes
    if you must, but try your best not to borrow running shoes.  Wearing someone
    else’s running shoes to run can lead to injury.

  • Weather conditions will dictate the type of clothing and/or warm-ups to be
    worn.  It is your responsibility to stay current with the weather report to know
    what to pack for practice.  Check your bag before you leave home to see if you
    have everything you need, especially your running shoes.  Remember that it is
    better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

  • Later in the season, the temperatures will be dropping.  It may be comfortable
    after school, but as 5:00 PM approaches, the temperature will drop drastically.  
    Be prepared.  Start with a t-shirt and shorts, and add layers on top of that.  A
    hat or ear-warmer band and gloves will be a must.

  • Clothing with inappropriate text and/or graphics cannot be worn to practice or
    meets.  This includes clothing that advertises or promotes illegal activities or
    products not for use by those under 21.

  • Appropriate undergarments are to be worn to run.  Girls must wear proper-fitting
    sports bras that provide adequate support.  Boys must not wear boxer shorts,
    as they do not provide any support and wearing them while running can result in

  • No dangly jewelry.  This includes hoop or large earrings, loose bracelets and
    anklets, and dangling necklaces.  Fashion watches are not to be worn- only
    sports watches.  No jewelry at all can be worn during meets.

  • Long hair must be tied up before we start warming up.  Please do this in the
    locker room before you come to practice.  No one wants to run behind someone
    whose hair is flowing wildly.  You may think that it looks good like that, but
    chances are, you will be the only one.

  • You must wash your uniform after every meet.  Also, please wear clean clothes
    to practice every day.
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