Board of education and school policies exist regarding the transportation of team
members to and from away meets.
  • All team members must ride on the school bus to and from the away meet venue.
    Team members possessing their own car and driver’s license are not permitted
    to drive themselves to or from the away meet venue, regardless of their age or
    any other factor.
  • Team members are expected to stay for the duration of the meet to support
    their teammates.  

We realize that on occasion, a situation may arise in which, with valid reason, a
team member needs to come late to a meet or needs to leave early.  In such
situations, the parent or guardian of the team member must receive approval in
advance from the athletic director.  The coaches do not have the authority to grant

In order to gain such approval, a parent or guardian must complete an online form,
which can be found at:

Some additional information:
  • If you need to email the athletic director, Mr. Miller, he can be reached at  Please copy Mr. Koegel ( with any
    relevant correspondence.
  • We can only release a team member to the custody of a parent or legal
    guardian. We cannot release a team member to a boyfriend/girlfriend, a
    friend/acquaintance, an older sibling, a neighbor, etc.
  • If a parent or legal guardian is picking the team member up from the meet, that
    person must enter the meet venue to pick the team member up or otherwise
    have a coach witness that the team member was actually picked up by a parent
    or legal guardian.
  • We cannot release a team member if it has not been approved by the athletic
  • The school bus cannot drop athletes at their houses after the meet.
    Transportation will be provided back to the high school.

The primary motivation for the existence of this process is for insurance and liability
purposes.  Please be advised that if you are transporting a team member to or
from an away meet venue, you are releasing the coaching staff, the athletic
department, the high school administration, the school district, and the board of
education from any and all liability.

We thank you in advance and appreciate your understanding and cooperation in
this matter.
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