Being named captain or MVP is not a right- it is a privilege.  In order to be
considered for this type of recognition, you will be held to the highest standards.  If
these are important to you, then you must conduct yourself in the manner
expected of a captain or MVP.

Here are some guidelines:
  • You must conduct yourself in accordance with the team rules, regulations, and
  • You must have no unexcused absences.  Remember that the decision as to what
    qualifies as an unexcused absence rests solely with the coaches.
  • You must be at all meets, whether competing or not.
  • You must not participate in unauthorized club sports.
  • If you are a distance runner, you must be logging all of your runs in a timely
    fashion on RunningAHEAD.  Contact Mr. Koegel for directions and guidance on
    using RunningAHEAD.
  • You must have no serious discipline problems including but not limited to
    Saturday detentions and/or suspensions.
  • Captains and/or MVPs need not be seniors.
  • Captains and/or MVPs need not be the top performers on the team.
  • If no one has earned the privilege of being named captain, there will be no
    captain named.  The same holds for MVPs.
  • Boys and girls will be held to the same standards and will not be treated
    differently.  Standards will not be lowered.  As a result, there may be a number
    of different situations arising, where one gender has a captain and the other
    does not, or one gender has an MVP and the other does not.
  • If captains are named, this may be done at any point during the season,
    possibly not before the Winter Sports Awards program.
  • If MVPs are named, it will be done at the Winter Sports Awards program.
  • In general, we do not vote for captains or MVPs so that they do not turn into
    popularity contests.
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