This is what happens when you do not look where you are walking at a track meet.
Let the animation below serve as fair warning to all those who do not look where
they are going when they walk across the track or cross a runway.

Look at the left side of this animation.  Take note of the reaction of the man in the
orange jacket and black tights seated on the ground next to the runway.

It may surprise you to be told that this clip is from the Sparkassen Cup, a
professional track & field meet held in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2001.

The woman getting blasted is
Gabriela Szabo of Romania, the gold medalist in the
5000 meters in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  This disastrous episode took place
shortly after Szabo took first in the mile in a time of 4:23.  Her unwitting assailant
was Kofi Prah, a German long jumper who placed 5th in that event at those same
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